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USP, Tailor-made products
Baskin supports customers all over the world with their challenges in the area of product presentation of daily fresh products. Besides our standard baskets and ambiance products we are offering tailor-made solutions.
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Supermarkets and chain stores are trendsetting in the area of store designing. The interior is been changed all the time in order to stimulate customers over and over. The interior design is depending of the latest trends among  specific groups of customers. This is why Baskin is in very close contact with supermarkets, in order to adapt our products to these new developments.
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Focus on quality
In order to guarantee the quality of our baskets and ambiance products, we adjust high quality demands to our production facilities. We have made strong selections of suppliers of raw materials and visit on a regular bases our production facilities ourselves to monitor at local level everything regarding the production and the working conditions of our craftsman.
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Baskin has the use of a big warehouse from more than 3.000 square meters to control the stock of our baskets and ambiance products for supermarkets and retail chains. For a fixed amount a month we keep products for you in stock, so you do not have to monitor it yourself.
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Trail placements
As experts in the field of presentation of daily fresh products we understand that designing supermarkets or stores is not simple. This is why we offer our customers extra services, by introducing  trail placements.
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