Bread and pastry

Fresh buns or delicious pastry. In our baskets you bread and pastry look even more tasty. Not only in these firm baskets from Baskin their appearance will improve, our products are also very convenient and hygienic.

Fruit and vegetables


Appels, pineapples or cauliflower. All your fruit and vegetables shine in our baskets and ambiance products. Baskin knows exactly how to sparkle your items in your supermarket. Our firm baskets are easy to handle, hygienic and give your fruit and vegetable departments just that little extra appearance.

Specialties departments

Cheeses, cold cut meats or chocolate. For every product we have a suitable basket or other ambiance product, that will give extra glance to your presentation. Our firm baskets and ambiance products are easy to move and simple to clean.  Ideal for the hectic circumstances of the supermarket business.


Baskin takes care for a unique customer experience for the presentation of daily fresh products. We produce hand-made baskets, ambiance products and offer tailor-made products for supermarkets and shop fitters. Our  products are high quality and always according the latest trends. This is how we take care of a special shopping experience and happy costumers. This is Baskin. Results by positive vibes.

Dive deeper in the world of Baskin. Read some of our success stories. From our unique solution for Euro Pool, until the cooperation with Spinneys in Dubai.


Baskin supports customers all over the world with their challenges in the area of product presentation of daily fresh products. Besides our standard baskets and ambiance products we are offering tailor-made solutions.